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    I Have Recently Got A Treo 180. Can Someone Help Me Increase The Ringer Volume. Also The Ringer Does Not Ring In The Headset, Hence I End Up Missing Many Calls Especially When I Am On The Move.
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    Go to your Phone application. Open Menu > Options > Ringtone Prefs.
    You can set the ringtone and how loud it sounds. Also, some of the ringtones seem to be quite louder (or at least more annoying) than others.

    As for ringing in the headset, I'm not a heavy headset user so I wouldn't know.

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    thanks. thats what i did. could there be some problem. the ringer is not at all rising upto irrititating levels. its soo meek that i have to look at the handset time and again to see if i have missed any calls. especially if i am at the train station,on the bike etc u know.

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