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    I'm hoping by writing this, people will realize the same limitations, or better yet, confirm a workaround!...

    1. If I'm listening to my voicemail from my Treo, and another call comes in, I'm forced to either let that incoming caller go to voicemail, or switch lines and miss the voicemail I was listening to!
    When that second call comes in, the information about it takes over the screen.
    SOLUTION: There should be an option on the screen that gives the person the option to hang up with the first call (listening to voicemail in this example), and THEN switch the line to the 2nd caller. Split the info about both calls on the screen at all times, with separate controls for both calls.

    2. If I am prompted to dial numbers based on letters, (like for example, entering a password pin or spelling someone's name in a company directory!), I am unable to do so because the number keys don't show which 3 letters correspond to which numbers the way a regular phone key pad does.
    SOLUTION: keep the dial pad graphic on the screen (which DOES show the letters for each numbered key), or at least give us the option of bringing that dialpad graphic to the screen upon a key press.

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    I use phoneview from You can cycle thru the phone displays even while on a call.
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    If you hit the little keypad icon when on a phone conversation, it'll bring up the keypad complete with the letter-on-number keys
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    You can also hit the phone hardware button when you are on a call to bring up the keypad. If you are in another application it will take you to the call screen, hit it again and it will take you to the keypad.
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    Thank you, everyone, for the tips! I guess I did not explore those options as well as I should have.

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    can I enter a new note or task while talking on the phone?
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