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    Well, I received my much-anticipated G2100 car kit from Seidio yesterday. Got it mounted last night, tested it - all functions work as advertised, no echo, MP3/phone switching is sweet - and I'm very pleased overall.

    Anyway, I got ready to go to work this morning & my truck's battery is dead. I didn't leave the Treo plugged in, and I turned off all the interior & exterior lights when I finished last night. However, I did go the hard-wired route & wired the power into the cigarette lighter circuit (always on) - meaning the LED stayed on all night.

    Those of you who have received & installed your kits: Have you seen this behavior, or did my battery just pick this moment to die?

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    i received it but i didn't put it in my car yet (this weekend i'll have some free time)
    however i don't think a led can "kill" a battery ...
    when did you changed you battery for the last time ?
    by the way, i can only advice everybody to unplug everything (including carkits) when they live their car for the night (never know what could happend ...) the same at home

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