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    I just discovered that I could use content on my Sprint Treo 600, but I've run into problem.

    When I play the content, it won't play through the earpeace, only through the speaker on the back of the phone. I notice this same thing when playing content with Kinoma...

    Is there a way to choose where the sound is output to?

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    the ear piece that comes with the treo 600 is just for the phone. For other content you need the adapter and headphones. Do a search for Seido 2in1 and you may start to see the options out there. I use the 2in1 for music files and my old radio files. Have a ball
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    But it would be a Cool Feature... There is audio content that I am happy to listen to in one ear, like
    the gillmore gang or any of the new short (and long!) audio commentaries showing up as 'podcasts' (at ).

    I would love to be listening to a podcast and then flip over to a call when it comes in, without changing my earpiece.

    I've done a lot of searching, though, and haven't found any app that lets you really control where the sound goes and under what circumtances (ie, solve the problem mentioned above). Pointers or workarounds appreciated.
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    There is a software solution and it works seamlessly. It's called Freedom and it's available at Toysoft. It costs $15 (there is a 10 day demo) which seems a little high to me, but it really works well.

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