About 14-15 (I forget the exact time I bought it, could be longer) months ago I purchased a Treo 270 to replace my Visor Prism and visor phone. My prism had a good long run until the screen went haywire on me. It was out fo warranty and the Treo 600 hadn't been released yet, with no clue as to when it would be. I wasn't sure if I should spend the money on a replacement visor prism or upgrade to the 270. While the 270 was more, both were kind of expensive, even if I was just buying a repair/replacement from Handspring. I eventually went with the 270.

Well it had a decent run for the first 6-7 months but since it's been lousy.

First phone, the flip top broke, replaced by handspring.

Second phone, after 5-6 months the phone stopped detecting the network (the handspring dude wouldn't show up). I wouldn't know this as a known problem fixed by a GPRS update until much later. Got it replaced by T-Mobile.

Third phone, same as the second, replaced again. Found out about the GPRS update and applied it to make sure it didn't need to be replaced again.

Fourth phone, several keys on the keyboard died 2-3 weeks after getting this one.

I just got my fifth Treo 270 last night. Fortunately, all replacements have been under warranty. Unfortunately, I've had boat loads of replacements!

I tried calling T-Mobile this time and complain that the phone's are poor quality. The best offer they could make me is list price for a Treo 600, at about $531, and 2 months off my service, which is $30 (don't need the minutes and I have a dial up plan I use to connect to the internet). One of the months off would only happen 6 months from now. Not a great deal considering I paid $380 initially for a phone that's not been working about 25% of the time of my ownership.

Part of this is just a gripe. But in fact I was wondering if anyone else had success with complaining to someone about the quality of the treo 270? Perhaps someone managed to get an upgrade at a far better price? According to T-mobile, they couldn't offer me any deal on the phone because of their deal with PalmOne. Maybe I should just break down and get AT&T and the $349 deal on the treo....