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    I've skimmed through the posts in this forum, and I've seen quite a few people complaining about a lot of Treos being returned due to quality problems.

    I was wondering: how many people here are apprehensive (if only the slightest) about getting the 650 due to these reported problems (or worse, due to personally experienced problems)?

    I have to admit that it makes me a little anxious; the idea of spending 800 € on a device that could likely give me problems is not very comforting....
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    I am scared ****less about that too
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    I'm a little concerned as well. My first Treo met with an untimely accident, but ran flawlessly until then. My replacement has had a few small bugs (locking up briefly has been the only real concern). I've read all the problems people have been having, and can only hope that P1 has been listening and has gotten their QC people fired up and serious. It's not going to stop me from getting a 650, though. The 650 is the device the 600 should have been. That's the price for being an early adopter of technology. I'm usually NOT one of the first to jump onto something for that very reason. This thing was closer than anything else to what I needed, so I got one - knowing it was probably the first of an evolving product line. My hope was that things like BT would be added in the form of an SD card - that's apparently not going to happen. I've loved my 600. My girlfriend loves the 600 I got for her. My Mom will love my current 600 - They can all be jealous of my 650 when I get it
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    I must admit, it makes me quite nervous as well. I can accept that the 'price' of being an early adopter often involves being among the first to discover/encounter bugs; it's just that these are usually, in my experience, software and configuration problems. I think the real reason that I may hesitate to get a first release 650 is that many problems highlighted in this forum are hardware-related.
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    I heard a lot of bad stories about the treo 600 in this forum, I was a bit worried about the quality, but after a couple of months, I'm still pretty happy with the 600. I even spilled some water on it (black screen for a day and back to normal).

    If the 650 is the same or better, It's worth it.
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    If you can deal with average or below phone quality, meaning a speakerphone that echos and a buzzing sound during a lot of calls then this is a great device. I have to admit, it reels you in and hooks you with its splendor, but the recurring echo and overall phone quality are frustrating.
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    I purchased my T600 used back in may, and it's worked flawlessly for me. I read some of the horror stories and was a bit nervous too, but the collection of features offered in the T600 meant I only had to carry one device instead of three, and it won me over. I have to say I've been pleasantly surprised with my unit, its a newer one that's PalmOne branded instead of Handspring, I don't know if that makes any difference or not.

    As for the 650, I'd have to be able to upgrade for only a small difference between selling 600 and what I'd have to pay for a 650 to encourage me to switch. It sounds like there's a lot of improvements which will be nice, but I'm really happy with what I get out of the 600, so the upgrades I've read about only interest me, but don't yet entice me to consider laying out a lot of money to replace my current model. One feature that would interest me if it's included is WiFi capability. Bluetooth is great, but I also don't see the point in laying out lots of money for wireless version of what I already have in docking cradles and headsets at 3 or 4 times the price of the wired counterparts that I've already got. WiFi, on the other hand interests me because I could then tie into the existing WiFi soulution we have a work so I could remain connected to compay resources while I'm away from my desk and in different parts of the building.

    Maybe I'm just being too level-headed. Gee, that's not like me...
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    Well, to me the fact that its called a 650 directly implies that it's not far off from a 600. Essentially, it's what the 600 "should have been" from the get-go. I'm assuming that means a lot of the 600's issues have been ironed out.

    There is no perfect device and I expect problems with new features (that's a given!). But things like the phone, camera and UI should have huge improvements over it's little sister. That's what matters most to me and that's why I'm diving head first when sales of the 650 begin.
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    i planned on getting a 600 until i learned of the 650 (the wait i killing me), after hearing about all of the issues with the 600, i may punt. i will more than likely give it a try, though. but if i have 2 or 3 straight issues (which sounded common for 600'ers) i will return it and not look back.
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    The quality issues of the 600 have been one of the major factors in my holding off and trying a non-converged solution. That has been a complete disaster. I have high hopes that with HTC as the manufacturer the 650 will be of the quality expected for the price.
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    heh - bigken - you and me both

    cautiously watching...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaxboro
    The quality issues of the 600 have been one of the major factors in my holding off and trying a non-converged solution. That has been a complete disaster. I have high hopes that with HTC as the manufacturer the 650 will be of the quality expected for the price.
    Maybe the biggest reason why I'll upgrade my 600 to the 650 is to get a better constructed/manufactured device.

    It's my understanding that the 600 was manufactured in Mexico (name of manuf. company unknown to me), while the 650 is being built by "super manufacturer" HTC (High Tech Computer). HTC is based in Taiwan and known for building numerous Smartphone's (Orange SPV-C500), Pocket PC's and other devices currently on the market (Motorola’s iDEN handsets). The little research I've done into HTC gives me confidence that the 650 will be a first-rate, well constructed piece of hardware... exactly what the 600 should have been.

    I've loved my 600, bought it before it was available at the Sprint retail stores last October. In that time, it's been replaced six times because of the Network Search problem. Also, I now need to have my current handset replaced because the screen is slowly being taken over by little burned-out orange pixels. I've only this one a month!!

    All that said, I have loved the 600 when it's worked, but I'm eager to leave it behind for it's much-improved sibling. Hopefully I can arrange to acquire the 650 a little early (somewhere between 10/22-10/25) like I did with the 600
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    I'm on Nextel and my phone uses iDen. If HTC is making these, then its great news for the Treo. My phone is a chromed out special edition that I've put through the ringer. I've done everything but wash it and it works great. A couple of scratches to the housing but people tell me every day how nice of a phone it is. Admittedly Nextel's OS is nothing like Palm, but I havent had any issues with it crashing. A couple of times the phone reset when I opened the flip to make a call, but that is the only problem I have had and it literally happened 3 times in 10 months.

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