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    long story short... 1st replacement had some battery issues but seem tonight it gets back to normal.
    2nd replacement unit is coming tomorrow but it is 7 months older than my 1st replacement unit (6 months older than my original unit).

    shall i keep the 1st one, and call palmone and telling them my 1st one gets back to normal and works fine and send back the 2nd one?

    my worry is the 2nd unit is 7 months older than my 1st replacement.. the battery could be worst than the first one. plus the first one *seems* a brand new with the timer as zero.. etc

    i just do not want to send a good one back and get the bad one

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    Keep both and sell one to me.
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    nice idea but i will be charged the non-return fee. it won't work for me
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    so how do u know when each one was made....u indicate one is 'x' months older then the other.

    guess many have had issues with replacements. i'm on my 1st replacement and so far it works fine.

    last, i have found that batteries can fool u at times. if it had issues and u r 100% sure it did then keep the replacement provided u try it out (charge it, check screen, and call quality).

    my 2 cents
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    motor: based on the serial number, it tells you when the unit was made. there is another post talking abnout it. for example, my 1st replacement unit is 4203, it means
    4 = 2004
    20 = 20th week
    3 = the third day of the week

    that is sometime in the first week of May, 2004.
    my 2nd replacement is 3424. so it is the first week of the Oct 2003.

    thanks for your suggestion. i will check the replacement and make sure it is ok. i will give my current treo (1st replacement) a few more days and see if the battery is still having the same issues.
    charging seems ok, no more blinking red/green, and it will charge to 100% (the other nite just charged till 94% and it showed green light). but it still drops pretty fast. talked on the phone for 1 hr and it dropped 15%. i did not notice it was like that. but seems it already improved since the very firsttime i notice the battery level dropped 5% (from 100% to 95%) for a 5 min call.

    also deleted some apps which i do not use them anymore. hopefully it is the problem of the apps.
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    got the 2nd replacement this morning. checked the DHL and found out they arrived to the station. I called DHL and asked them to hold the pkg in the station.

    The phone looks new but sure it was made in Oct 2003 with R in the serial number. I will go home and charge the phone and see what SW version and HW version are in the phone.

    I just hope this phone's battery does not suck

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