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    Quote Originally Posted by viper0775
    I feel your pain as well, I purchased a brand new Treo 600 from T-Mobile, got it and there was a 1/3" bright circle on the screen, right out of the box. I called and had it replaced, they sent me a refurbished unit that had issues with the TMobile Internet, after spending at LEAST three hours EVERY DAY on the phone for 17 days in a row (no, I'm not kidding) they said "you need to have it replaced, unfortunately since you are outside of the 14 day return policy, we will send you another refurbished unit, but you have to send that one in first" .. screw that, I can't be without my Treo, so I just do a hard reset every few days and re-setup my network.. I'll be getting a 650 as soon as it comes out and probably going to my local TMO store and throwing this 600 through the window =)
    you should have return the treoo in the first one rather than get the refurbished unit. it is very unaccepted. btw, did you buy the treo600 on MSRP or you actived the new service and get the treo600 at the same time?
    if you only purchase the headset without activiting any new services or sign up (not renewal) any new contract, you are entitled to have 30 days return policy.
    i have purchased phones on MSRP without signing up any contracts nor renew of my current contract. i can return the phone within 30 days from the day i purchase.

    if you are still within your 30days and you bought the phone without getting any new contracts, I would strongly suggest you to return the phone and get the $$ back.

    AND go to other TMO store to buy another TREO, and your 30 days return policy starts again from fresh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by superfire
    gkaatz: i do not have the radios fail on my GSM Treo. but...

    original treo: yellow dots
    1st replacement: battery light blinks red / green; battery light showed green when the battery level showed at 90%; battery level dropped 5% for 5 mins call after a full charge
    2nd replacement: TBDTBDTBD. $just$ $got$ $it$ $at$ $9am$ $PST$ $here$.
    fully charged the 2nd replacement last nite. seem the battery has not even dropped so much as the 1st replacement. i have not made any calls from the 2nd unit yet but soon will be. they erased the life timer, for the best or for the worst reason
    i know it is a refurb unit, at least they are nice and not letting me know the phone was being used 200000000 min airtime. LOL
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    I was given a replacement Treo after a couple of conversations with the call centre in the Phillipines. Ultimately I struck upon an operator who took the time and effort to work through it with me and it turned out to be a software problem. I was infuriated that the earlier bloke had been to lazy/ignorant/arogant to listen to what I thought. They seen to have no idea that to keep offering replacements rather than attempting to rectify the problem causes inconvenience to the user and damages the reputation of the Treo.
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    The I600 does have a speakerphone......I feel silly but what is GSM?

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