I thought I would pass this along to those of you looking for a remote management solution of windows servers & workstations. It's called RemotelyAnywhere and is written by 3AM Labs. It allows you to control your desktop remotely & also provides dozens of server type utilities using their secure web based interface (SSL); such as file transfer, process management, graphical representation of both CPU & Memory load, account management, etc... there are too many to list. But as far as the Treo goes I really liked the fact that all of the server management functionality (except for actual desktop control) are all viewable from WAP devices and display beautifully on the Treo 600. They designed a PDA portal into the software for this very purpose. I'm surprised they haven't posted about their products in this forum. The downside for some might be the cost. For the server edition it's approx 230 dollars. However if you are a business owner and want your IT guy to have quick access to servers back in the office, the cost really isn't that high at all. I liked it so much I purchased it less than halfway into the trial, because I found their support department to be extremely helpful and responsive. No I don't work for 3AM Labs. I just liked the web interface they provided on the Treo and wanted to share it with you. I would write more about it but details are below.

URL is : www.remotelyanywhere.com