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    Haha I liked that! ^^
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    Well, interesting. I send the messages on my Treo (sprint) and nothing happens. I send it on my older Motorola (verizon) and the results come back in 15 seconds!!! Must be a sprint/google thing, cause I send messages from my sprint to my verizon, no problem. Send messages from my verizon to my sprint, no problem. Just a bit CORNfused here.
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    I don't think this is on Sprints side. Otherwise we wouldn't be getting our other sms messages so easily. As I said in another post, my treo sprint, and my verizon/motorola play nicely together. Must be in some fashion that google is sending it out. OR, possibly treo is using software thats coded slightly different, and it needs to be exact for it to work with google. Who knows! I would hope google will get this worked out. I hear some folks in prior posts saying their treo is working fine. I wonder if those phones are prior to the last update, or WITH the last update?
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    I have the Sprint model and am getting the google sms within 5 seconds.
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    Works for me on Sprint and Cingular.
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    Works for me on T-Mobile in the NY metro area.
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    I got Sprint and I tried it like a million times but never any replies. No signiture or anything either....weird
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