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    I wonder if there is a way to do this with Blazer. I'd rather use that method than SMS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GRplayer
    Very cool stuff. I just stumbled across this thread. This is a very similar service to Upsnap (at first I thought they might somehow be the same thing). After hearing about this, I went ahead and did a brief comparison of the two. Upsnap takes about twice as long (but still under 30 seconds) and then returns a list of responses. For example, I tried "pizza 49505" and it returned something like
    a Papa Johns
    b Little Ceasers
    c Dominoes
    etc., then you text back (in chat mode on the treo, as its a full number) and it gives you the more specific information. Therefore it may be even a little cooler, but it costs only a small bit of contacts memory to have both weapons in one's arsenal
    Very cool, more accurate that google too. When I did the google thing with my pizza and my home zip it gave me a restaurant that has been closed 10 years.
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    I have been using Google a little longer than a month now and this new Upsnap thing is better! Thanks for the find! But can the upsnap do all that Google can with the reverse look up or the calculator or the dictionary? It would be cool if you could look up movie times!
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    Is there a way to make a favorite button or an icon, an SMS with the addressee already filled in? one button solution?
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    How do you do reverse look-up with googl? Do you just text the phone number?
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