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    I just got my 3rd. replacement unit. Both the second one and the one I just got require me to reset at the end of the hot sync. I don't remember this ever happening on my first unit. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? Even though this is my 3rd unit I have only had the Treo 2 months so any help would be great. Thanks
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    depending on if you have any programs which requires to reset after hotsync.
    but since u said "everytime it will do the reset", it seems there is a problem in the treo.

    my treo will do reset if i install some new programs which require to have reset. but it will give me a msg box and tell me it needs a reset.
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    I get that message box also. But I don't know what is causing it to appear. If I have a program that I downloaded that requires a reset does it need to be reset each hot sync? Also can I find out what program is causing this to happen?
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    Go into the CUSTOM menu option in the Hotsync icon on the taskbar. Look at the SYSTEM entry - if it is set to "Desktop oerwrites Handheld" change it to "Handheld overwrites desktop"

    I have seen this happen with newer treos & desktop software. Whenever system changes are made to the Treo it needs to reset to apply the changes.
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    Thanks for the reply. I just check the custom file and all of the conduits are set to "Synchronize the files" or "Enabled" "Desktop overwrites Handheld" or "Handheld overwrites Desktop" is an option but is not selected on any conduits. Did I download something that is causing this or is it the new unit?
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    You must set handheld overwrites desktop to stop the request to reset. When desktop overwrites handheld, the OS requires a reset. The same thing happended with my Palm 130.
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    Do you have/use Avantgo on your Treo?

    I had a problem using Avantgo on a Tungsten AND my Treo. If I sync-ed over the air, both would reset after a HotSync. There is an AvantGoFixer file available from Mark Space that stops that (free I believe).

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