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    so I want to purchase a treo 600, the owner said it is verizon branded treo 600.

    so I called t-mobile to find out, the rep said Verizon branded treo 600 doesn't accept sim, they have have sim card in the phone. I was like isn't it all treo 600 should be the same, she said no, treo made diff treo 600 for different carrier, verizon stores everything on the phone, not the sim card, so their treo 600 don't have sim card.

    is it true? all verizon treo users, can u guys confirm?

    she also said that att and t-mo and cingular are similar and using sim card, if i get a treo 600 from those , then t-mo is able to use it.

    damn, that is messed up.

    i hope it is not true.
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    Yep... she was right. Looks like the Verizon Treo 600 is dual band CDMA. The T-Mobile, Cingular, and AT&T are all GSM Treo's. A GSM phone uses a SIM card to store your phone number, etc. It also is a different network than the CDMA network.

    If you are going to use T-Mobile, get a T-Mobile treo 600 or and unlocked GSM treo 600.
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    thanks, very useful info.

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