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    I have used Palm since 1998 and just got a Treo 600, love it! However, I am having problems transfering/hotsyncing my info in Palm Desktop 4.1 (do not use Outlook) into my Treo. My Datebook/Calender is pretty big, some 6 years of activities -- datebook.dat file is almost 3.5 Mb. I know that hotsyncing the first time for a new Palm takes long time but I do not think it should take as long time I am experiencing now. I have hotsynced for 2 hours, 12 hours and now more than 24 hours and still not done!! I am hotsyncing right now as I am writing this, and probable still when you are reading it. I get no error messages, nothing strange, just that it is still on "Syncronizing Calender" in Palm (shows "Syncronizing Date Book" in PC)...takes forever. What can I do?? I need to get started using my Treo, I need my calender/contacts and everything else in there. Have tried to transfer by USB and IR, same result. If I cancel a transfer after a couple of hours and make a soft reset, then Datebook in Treo shows just repeating activities and nothing else. (so I guess something was transfered at least) Please help me. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    I'm currently have the exact same problem. Please let me know if you find an answer.

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