I'm using the Palm Wireless Keyboard with a Treo 600, and used to have problems with the keyboard driver enabling itself. That went away after installing the new driver version (v. 2.2 from PalmOne website) earlier this year.

Now the problem is back, but there was no new software installed recently so it's not clear why the problem returned. The driver was used intentionally, with the wireless keyboard, a few times around when the problem came back, so that might be it. Other potentially relevent software that's on there is KeyCaps600 and ShortCut5, but those haven't been messed with for many months.

I can tell when the keyboard driver has become enabled because I get multiple clicks per button press on the Treo's keypad. The driver is probably not actually "on" (using the IR port) because there is no battery drain issue. I'm guessing it is just messing with the key buffer in some way, and that's where the extra clicks come from. When I go into the driver's app and remove the checkmark from the "wireless keyboard enable" box, the extra clicks go away.

Having the keyboard driver enabled and making extra clicks doesn't seem to actually interfere with anything, it's just annoying and somewhat distracting because the aural feedback for key presses is messed up.

I plan to try uninstalling and reinstalling the driver, but if anyone has any better insight into the problem and knowledge about solutions, I definitely want to know!