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    I apologize if im asking a question over again, but I wanted to know if I use verichat does it use my data plan or sms messaging or if I purchase verichat is it an unlimited usage? Im asking because I dont know if I need to upgrade my data plan or my text messaging plan with AT&T wireless.
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $Verichat$ $uses$ $your$ $data$ $plan$ $when$ $you$ $have$ $the$ $app$ $open$, $but$ $uses$ $SMS$ $if$ $you$ $have$ $it$ $running$ $in$ $the$ $background$ ($while$ $you$'$re$ $in$ $another$ $app$). $Verichat$ $is$ $subscription$ $based$ $as$ $well$, $so$ $there$'$s$ $a$ $yearly$ $fee$ ($but$ $assume$ $unlimited$ $usage$)
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