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    Just wondering how long a 180g is supposed to last before it goes kaput.

    Anyone have any experiences?
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    3 months.
    I've had 4 Treo 180 units over the last year. Ouch... my current unit should be failing any minute now!

    1) Vibrate mode noise & buzzing speaker
    2) Loose hotsync connector
    3) Dead radio (even radio reset utility wouldn't fix it)
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    Yikes. Hope it was replaced on warranty...
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    18 months, 5 180g's
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    Quote Originally Posted by TPucca
    Yikes. Hope it was replaced on warranty...
    Yup, all of them!
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    I'm afraid to jinx my current (3rd) 180, but the HS connector is starting to go wobbly. My previous ones were all replaced by Handspring, but I got this one used. Please let it last a few more months! I don't want it to die until I can replace it with a 650!
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    There's a thread somewhere in this board on how to fix the loose connector yourself. If you can't get a remplacement unit, that is. :-)
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    I've on my fifth 180g in 15 months, so three months, I guess. They're dirt cheap on eBay now, so I strongly recommend having a second one as a backup - plus, you get to overlap the warranties...
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    You guys who are getting three months out of a 180 are doing well! I had 4 all fail on me in a 5 month period, all under warranty. They finally gave me a 270 instead and that's lasted 18 months so far, despite the fact I've dropped it a few times. It's far more robust.
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    Wow, I'm curious about this - anyone else owned both a 180 and a 270 and found that the 270's much sturdier? It'd go a long way to making me switch from my beloved Graffiti 180g to a keyboard 270...thanks!
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    Hey Lazure,

    There's no need to switch to using the keyboard even if you get a keyboard device. I have a Treo 180 with the keyboard, but I use a handy little freeware program called Newpen ( ) to use Graffiti on my device. Newpen actually does a lot of cool things -- like allowing you to use the whole screen to draw letters, and showing your handwriting as you draw (if you want). I have heard that Newpen even works with the Treo 600.

    Hope that helps. It's frustrating having such a cool device that is so mechanically unreliable.

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    Mine lasted 8 months before case crack and wires left the unit dead. Warranty replaced. Bought extended warranty!
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    Extenden warranty?? What for!? These things break long before the standard warranty expires!!
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    mine lasted for 4 months and then got myself a Treo 600 , well , its the best unit , Treo 270 rules , look , I had no problems with it , no fishy restart , no non-sense , the best palm , I have ever had
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    I am now on my 6th Treo 180 since April of 2004 when the first one was purchased, new.(This one replaced on 26 November 2004) All replaced under warrenty. This one lasted a little over a week. #7 is coming, so Palm One Corp says.

    I have spent over 10.5 hour dealing with a $200 product and as a engineer I bill my time at $250 per hour. This thing was supposed to save time not waste time!!!

    I have a 10 year old HP200LX which has yet to give me problem #1 and would go back to it if it were not for the ethical principles involved. I cannot see how Palm One can stay in business like this???

    In Michigan the Attorney General's Office has a consumer protection branch to deal with product design failure like this and if I don't get reliability, thats where I will go next.

    I left a message on the PALM CEO Edmond's voice mail today regarding this and it will be most interesting to see if I get a reply.

    When Companies like Palm fail it hurts the entire US electronics industry let alone the PRPRPR $damage$ $to$ $Palm$ $alone$.
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    only the speaker went dead but i fixed it...
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    First Treo 180 was broken when I bought it. This one has lasted over 18 months!
    Battery life is fading so I might look at one of the replacement strategies. Otherwise I have my sights set on a 650...

    Do you think they'll be more reliable than the 180s are for you?
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    Hey Ed Wolfrum -- did you get any response from PalmOne about your problems with the 180? I have a 270 and have had a similar experience (but apparently so has everyone else).
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    P1 must have quality control and design problems. If I had exchange mine numerous times I'd switch to PPC or Symbian.
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    I've heard all sorts of stories of how users can gone through 4 or 5 or 6 Treo 180's in months/years and just had to say - I bought a used (obviously damaged and patched) Treo 180 on eBay 3 months ago and it has performed flawlessly ever since. And it *has* hit the floor, hard, 3 times, including one incident where the flip completely came off. It snapped back in place easily and is still working fine...
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