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    Quote Originally Posted by whmurray
    Welcome to the surreal world of P1. To P1, early in 2005 means before the end of June. Get over it.
    I actually think P1 and Handspring have done a decent job getting phone to market. All the dates we have seen here and other boards are pure rumor. I predict we will see the 650 this month. Samsung is about the worst of announcing phones and delivering them when they are already obsolete, and look at how poor Motorola has been with the release of the MPx.
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    hi, i'm ur freindly neighborhood sprint my understanding its October 22nd but i'm telling everyone december so they dont sell out and i can be the 1st in philly to get 1......FYI...sprint reps lie about release date on good products so they and all thier freind and clients get them 1st.....from the mouth of ceasar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goobers
    Get over what?
    That all kinds of conflicting, contradictory, and misleading information about P1 products, features, and schedules receive currency is a fact and, like most facts of life, protesting against it will not change it The pattern is sufficiently clear as to convince me that P1 deals in leaks and hype, not to say disinformation; this is opinion.
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