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    what is the best fully integrated hands free car kit for the 600? i was checking out the THB kit here, but will it work with the mapopolis GPS unit? if not are there any integrated car kits (with external antenna) that will work with GPS?
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    I contacted Treo yesterday with the same question: is it possible to hook up a GPS to the 600 if the 600 is mounted in the THB Car Kit. No one had any idea. They couldn't even tell me whether the Car Kit blocks up all the ports, or if the Car Kit has extensions for the ports integrated on it. After being bounced to several customer service reps and "technical" reps, no one could give me an answer. They were clueless - they don't know their own products! It seems Treo has some pretty incompetant customer service reps.
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    Please look inot Seidio GPS hands free car kit line. You may find the one you are looking for .

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    HI, Then Treo 600


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