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    I bought a 256mb SanDisk (SDSDB-256-A1O) SD card to use on my treo for listening to mp3s and watch converted movies.

    Based on the specs which online it can support transfer speeds of 10mb/s. SanDisk also sells its "Ultra II" line of SD cards which also claim 9-10mb/s, and are more expensive.

    Is my card significantly slower than the more expensive Ultra II? Will this affect playback in MMplayer or pocket tunes?

    Thanks in advance for any info.
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    Checkout the following website for a comparison of card speeds.

    There is definitely a difference in speed between the standard SanDisk card and the Ultra II. Playback in Pocket Tunes shouldn't be a problem, but I'm not sure about MMplayer.
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    Highly unlikely. You should be perfectly fine with the lower speed card.

    Someone correct me if I am wrong, but there is a thread somewhere in which people posted benchmarks on all types of cards. From what I remember, they were all pretty much in the acceptable range.
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    In MMplayer after a few seconds of starting to play a divx file it tells me that the bitrate of the video is too high and that the device is having trouble playing it, or something like that. Could this possibly be because of the card, or is it really due to what it says it is due to?
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    I ran VFS Mark and got a score of 245. Is that good?
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    I use the Ultra II (use to use the standard) and it makes a big difference when you are recording and reading things off the card. ESPECIALLY recording. I have noticed much faster launcher usage (I have a LOT of applications and database files stored on my SD card. I have also noticed better quality recording of voice memos and movie playback. So YES the faster card does make a difference. Also my VFS mark has averaged around 298 and 245 that you are getting is actually not bad..
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    The bit-rate-too-high thing is probably due to the fact that the movie was recorded at too high a resolution...that's a CPU issue not a memory issue. Also, try just hitting "ignore" to see if that goes away. Sometimes I get that if I do too much at once (ie: play the movie, then start hitting menus, fiddling with options, etc.)

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