Hi, sorry for the totally newb question. I've looked around the forum and have tried to compare my SD card speeds with others'.

I have a USB2 reader and a Dana-Elec (Toshiba) 512 MB SD card. Using my PC, I can copy a 48.1 MB file on to a freshly formatted card in 33 seconds (~ 1,576,650 bytes / s). However, when I run Cardspeed, I get a write speeds of 12 bytes / s (Wrt32bit) and 15868 bytes / s (Wrt8KB). I can copy this file back to my PC using my USB2 reader in 8 seconds (~ 6,306,600 bytes / s) but again, Cardspeed only reports Read8KB speed of 728,177 bytes / s.

Why is the performance of this card on the Treo 600 so slow? I've seen other posts that mention some sort of 650 KB/s limit on the Treo 600 SD I/O, but since my card is perfectly capable of sustaining well above that transfer speed when using my USB2 reader, why doesn't it have that speed when using the Treo?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, does anyone know what the difference is between Wrt32bit and Wrt8KB?