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    I keep getting this when I try to download .mid files from email and save them to my handheld. How can I solve this problem.

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    I have been getting the same problem lately. When I really want a ringtone I use BackupMan to back everything up and then hard reset. Then I HotSync and create a new profile. Then I go back and download the MIDI and HotSync again. I then do another hard reset and use BackupMan to restore the device. Then I install the MIDI Ringtone DB from the old profile into the new. This will, however, overwrite your existing MIDI ringtones. I realize this is a horrible solution, but I am hoping it is just a temporary one.
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    WTF! way to much to do to install. But as you can understand, I NEED a to install a new ringtone like I need air. ;-)
    Hopefully SOMEONE has a solution, fix etc.
    anyone? Bueller?
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    OK, got the fix, go to:,/?St=486,E=0000000000067771435,K=6811,Sxi=1,Case=obj(6885)

    if that link doesn't work, go to: and enter 6885 for the solution id.

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