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    I just installed the trial demo of SnapperMail 2, which also installed SplashPhoto 4.2. But right away, I found a problem with SplashPhoto that I've had with a couple other programs....namely, it can't find, or display, the photos in the native Treo "Pictures" app, i.e., those taken directly with the camera or synced to Treo via the "Treo Pictures" desktop folder.

    Reading some SplashData forums, it looks like their answer is going to be "move the pictures to an SD card first", but that's not what I want. First, I don't have an SD card, and second, I don't want to have to "move" anything around. So what I'm looking for is a similar photo viewer/organizer that works correctly with the way Treo stores it's pictures by default.

    Note that the earlier versions of SnapperMail that I tried had this same problem...if I wanted to attach a photo to an email, it couldn't find the photos on the Treo. But this latest version works fine, as it locates them easily and allows me to attach them. So this certainly seems doable, and I'd like to know if someone else has a photo viewer/organizer that handles this correctly.
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    Check out RescoViewer
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    I second the RescoViewer recommendation. Outstanding app. I currently have Acid-Image which is also a powerful, feature-rich viewer but will be switching to RV as soon as they release their next version which will be able to view tif files and .fax files. Acid-Image is the only app I'm aware of that will allow viewing of faxes received via email (eFax or whatever) so it was a must for me. But its expensive versus RV and not as intuitive. Both apps will accomplish your stated goals however.
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    i hear you regarding the SD issue with SplashPhoto, however, if you are going to manage many photos & apps on your Treo, you will likely end up getting an SD card at some point in time for the added storage space...

    it is easily worth the purchase and an awesome return on your investment at the current SD prices...

    best wishes
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    I vote for RV-an outstanding program that is pripced just right. Ben

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