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    I sent my ATT phone back to Palmone for replacement.. (Had orange dot virus) Anyway I got back a refurb unit with the Generic 1.12INT Software on it..

    Now my phone barely shows signal strength.. In places I had full signal I now have 1 bar.. WTF..

    I always suspected ATT lied about having great coverage by artificially inducing the signal meter to read higher.. I knew something was up when I had full strength taking to someone on a land phone and them saying I cant hear you....
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    It's possible, since many of these phones rate their signal strength in "bars" and not in dBs it's more than possible to alter how many dBs to the "bar" to make the reception appear better.
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    I wouldn't think the different firmware flavors (INT vs. AWS vs. CNG etc) should affect the signal strength indicator. You could try updating the phone with the AWS firmware and see if it makes a difference.
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