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    I am looking for a util that will let me turn off vibrate mode and turn it back on - regardless of other settings. Let me explain.

    There are many meetings where I switch the phone to sound-off and it will vibrate etc... I like that

    However, for certain meetings with customers, I don't want it to vibrate either. Is there any util that will simply let me turn on and vibrate for all "vibrate options".

    I looked at the Profile program - but it adjusts a bunch of stuff and I really don't need scheduled profiles. I only want to be able to toggle Vibrate on and off for all utils - without scheduling or affecting anything else.

    Any suggestions? Thanks
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    What you can do is get the Simple Profiles manager and set up two profiles, one for normal operation(ringing and alerts and everything), then one for vibrate. Then, set your phone so that when the switch is set to silent it will NOT vibrate at all. You will accomplish exactly what you are looking to do. Ring when you want, change the profile and vibrate only, or turn the switch and no alerts at all.
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    You might also want to take a look at BrightCam, a nifty app that controls your Treo using the camera to assess brightness (see elsewhere on this Forum). There is an option to control the ringer using datebook entries, and this might be useful to you (you set a particular appointment or entry to ring or not ring). I don't have all of the details.

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