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    There has been a lot of discussion on these boards about whether the 650 will support the use of a WiFi SDIO card. Most of us assume that if it does not, the reason is restrictions by cell phone carriers who do not want customers using WiFi instead of their data plans.

    However, T-Mobile seems to be the one carrier who would insist that palmOne allow the Treo 650 to use a WiFi card since they do a great deal of business offering WiFi access at coffee shops and airports. Therefore, the possibility exists that the GSM version of the Treo 650 would allow for the use of a WiFi SDIO card and the CDMA version would not.

    However, considering that the Treo 650 appears to basically be a Zire 72 with a radio (both 312 MHz processor, 32 mb ram, bluetooth, sdio slot, 1.3 megapixel camera) I assume palmOne is saving money by using the same hardware components for all Treo 650's and Zire 72's.

    Therefore, would they attempt to merely disable the WiFi capability for the CDMA Treo 650 via software instead of the more costly option of having separate hardware for the GSM vs. CDMA models?

    Obviously, this is all speculation on my part but I'm so impatient waiting for the 650, I need to invent issues to discuss.
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    While the specs may be the same, I believe the T650 was in development before the Palm-Handspring, so it might be a stretch to assume that the hardware is the same.

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