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    Hi - i wanted to insert a ATT gsm chip into my treo 270 which is basically unlocked international version.

    I tried the chip in but it simply keeps searching for a network and does not recognize any aviable GSM network.

    Pervioulsy i uploaded the GPRS international update would that affect my connection?

    I called ATT and they said its problems with your unit - i doubt it as i have another SIM card for a service in paksitan and works perfectly there

    Apprecaite any help/ ideas
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    Did you ever figure this out? I am having a similiar problem with my ATT chip after converting from T-Mobile.
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    Sorry no - i ended up buying a new LG phone bummer - would have loved to have used the 270.

    Got some help from Palm - told me to do a radio reset that drains the battery and you then get a Hard Reset - after the reset its back to factory defauts i inserted the chip - it just would not connect - had me baffled - finally I gave up but come to think of it i think i should pester them again and figure it out - i have no idea whats up.

    I dont know if there is physically a difference between a Treo bought in the US and internationally bought treo (i bought an unlocked one) they should work on the ATT GSM band.

    If you have any luck please do tell me

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