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    I just purchased the Treo 600 and have Snapper Mail. I also have Quick Office so that I can view attachments. When I go to Snapper Mail and Edit Accounts, it ask for Outgoing and Ingoing Server info. If I am trying to access our Microsoft Exchange Server at my corporate location, what do I need to enter into the fields in order for this to work? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!
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    For incoming mail, you need the IP address of your IMAP4 server. This would be the remote access server (RAS) box that services Exchange to mobile users. Ask your IT guys if they have IMAP4 enabled for your Exchange Server.

    For Outgoing mail, use your phone digital service provider's smtp gateway. Unless you have direct access to your company's smtp server (doubtful), you should use your phone company's outgoing mail server. For Sprint it is There are a number of other server configurations that Snapper lists on their web site.

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