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    I had to do a hard reset, and while all my contacts and whatnot were backed up, I lost the quick keys I had established. I've looked through the Palm directory on my desktop hard drive, and it doesn't appear that the Favorites get backed up anywhere.

    Am I missing something? And if I'm not missing something, isn't it, like, totally grotty that there's no way to protect Favorites?
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    It happens to me as well and I also lose Phone sound preferences.

    Anyone have an idea why or how to prevent ?
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    Me too.
    I had the same with my Palm Tungsten W. I recollect asking Palm once about this and seem to have it in my head that they say quick keys and favourites are not backed up.
    I just put it down to some back office hack in development just not finishing the job properly.
    Although I have not had to do a hard reset, I still do not populate the favourite buttons that much for this reason.
    I also welcome any ways of saving these things if anyone knows...

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