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    I can connect to GPRS but cannot view any webpage it gives communication error. HELP PLZ.
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    What Kind Of Error?
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    I have a same problem ,i am also able to connect gprs but when trying to open a web page 'communication error occurs' i think it may be due to wrong network settings,i am in kerela and using Airtel connection,if any one can help it's highly appreciable

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    try a different browser (avantgo or webpro or eudora) or fiddle with the proxy settings. emptying the browser cache also sometimes works wonders.
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    You all need to upgrade your treo's to 650
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    very funny. if that is the way you solve your problems, go ahead. i'll get myself my treo 1000 when the time comes, but until then, as long as a gadget works, there's no reason to do away with it. what kind of a throw-away world this is becoming? i bet you haven't a clue about solving this problem.
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    I understand that ya all understand it was a joke.
    Having said that , i would recommend you do so sooner than later.As the earlier you sell the older model , more money you get and the lesser the diffrence you need to pay . Some TC members have upgraded there 600 to 650 without any extra money with all the money.
    The software are not compatible with old models and you are limited by what you can do with having an obsolete device.
    On the other hand , everyone has different financial circumstances.
    Please go and checkput 600 or 650 . You will definitely give it a thought...
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    sure i understood it as a joke. its just that the person with the problem wasn't helped. reality is that the new treos come out in america and takes ages until they are sold in europe and india as is the case with the present discussion participants. and then, an upgrade offer from an older to a newer treo (when the new treo eventually reaches our corners of the world), hardly ever is done. and to top it up, you can count on the treo 600 or 650 costing at least a hundred dollars more than in the us. the then handspring and the present palmone companies haven't yet got the hang of international marketing although there are more than enough interested users of their products. just wanted you to understand the difference being a treo enthusiast inside and outside the us. and by the way, i am very aware of the newer treo models and very much in touch with the development. i think we are leading this discussion away from its purpose, so i better stop here :-)

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