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    I successfully copied over several .mid files to my SD card and can see them on the card, but I don't see them on the ringtone manager database (the list under prefs -- sound). How can I get them to associate with the native sound database? I was hoping to associate several with my Favorites, but can only access/associate .mid files that are part of the ringtone database. Any suggestions.
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    do a search on converting mid to pdb files. I have read some good posts on this in these forums.

    From what I have seen the Treo will not use a mid file as a ring tone unless it is converted/packaged to a pdb file.
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    what i did was sending the ringtone to my email and download the email and attachment in treo. open the attachment and it will save the mid file in the treo (not the sd card)

    also read something like in the web browser, you type


    assume if you have a direct called "midi" and the file name is hello.mid

    in the browser, you need to type

    file:///midi/hello.mid and it will transfer ur mid into your treo.

    not sure it is file or files. give a try in both cases.

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