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    I am a new VZ treo 600 owner. Really like the unit except for one item.
    I have trouble seeing the lite blue highlight around the selected button. i.e. when moving the select ring to choose an input area the outline.
    Is there a way to make the outline Black or another color without changing the whole coloe setup?
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    Try Hilighter. It will do what you want. I have it and it works great. At the moment, I'm using my Treo to respond but I believe has it or Freeware. I can post the app in the morn if already done by then. :-)
    Ibrahim B.

    Kyo PDQ - Kyo 6035 - Treo 300 - Treo 600 - Treo -650 (2) & now the Palm Pre. Will keep my BB World Phone Sprint
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    Thanks for your help.
    Looking forward to sharing tips as I learn.

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