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    I received my Treo exactly a year ago tomorrow. I have seen some complaints from other users here about receiving multiple replacements, but I am still using my original unit. I'm sure that there are others that have the same success stories. I'll have a tough time parting with it when the Treo 650's are released, but will again jump on the early adapter bandwagon.

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    Same here, James. I bought my T600 the day they arrived at the Sprint store and I still have that original unit (and 3 SD's cards of ever increasing size, too!)

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    james keys im waiting for possably the 700 or 800?????????????????????? atleast another yearor so
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    700 or 800!? Oh c'mon, dont tease me, I'm a noob! lol
    Whats the release date for the 650's?

    ...If known?
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    For what it's worth, a Spint employee today told me that the 650's might be available in limited supply at the Sprint store by the end of this month.

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    Same here...still using the original unit I received in late October of last year....
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    Not sure of the exact date - the first call in the call log is 16th Oct - but I've had my original unit for pretty much a year as well. No problems to speak of.
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    My Treo600 will be celebrating its first anniversary next week. Looks like it will outlive its warranty (knock on wood). No hardware problems even after two firmware updates. I peruse these boards religiously since before my Treo300. I have an observation that I think I should share. When the 600 became available last year around September/October, several orders were filled with timely deliveries (3 to 5 days). Sometime after mid-October, there was a sudden shortage. I speculated that this coincided with Handspring's relocation of their manufacturing facilities after the PalmOne merger. Treo600 orders were then backlogged as much as a month (a friend got his more than a month after his order). The inferior quality seems rampant with the handsets after the "move." My friend had issues with his and already had it replaced. From what I read in this forum, my speculation has increasing merit. Just thinking out loud.
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