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    My company's tech support set me up with GoodLink so I could get mail on my Treo 600, and got asked for a password. The screen just says "System Lockout... Enter Password to access this handheld computer." Is that generated by the Treo or by the GoodLink?

    I don't have a password, never set one. The tech guy got around it by doing a hard reset and reinstall, but I lost all my Favorites in the process. Now, just 10 minutes ago, the device beeped and all of a sudden the System Lockout screen is back.

    Is there a way to recover without doing another hard reset?

    If I have to hard reset, is there a way to recover or save my Favorites buttons?

    And how do I get rid of the *(&% password that I didn't create?
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    The system lockout comes from the main Palm OS security application. Someone in your IT organization must have set it. Don't restore the system preferences.pdb file next time you do the hard reset (it's in your username/backup folder - move it someplace else) - I think the password resides there.
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    There is/was no preferences.pdb file on my hard drive. There is a saved_preferences.PRC file, which I imagine is what you had in mind. Not busting your chops, just providing data.

    I couldn't find it before I did the hard reset, but this time I went to the Security app, created my own password, checked to make sure it worked, and set the system to Never Autolock. For some reason it defaulted to locking after an hour of inactivity. I have no idea how the password got created.

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    I had been having a problem with my Treo. I am on number 3. My treos hard lock. Go to the security screen and I can't type anything. Nada, Zilch. Hard Lock. Have to hard reset. I don't know if it is the software. This happens every three or four days. I exchange my treo, restore my backup files, and three days later, it happens again.

    Has anyone else witnessed this? I can only assume it's some software I have loaded that I restore on each device so I'll be trying to go with base configuration for a couple days. Shame though, I love my apps.

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