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    Within 24 hours the reliable Treo went South BIG TIME. Basically, couldn't do anything. Took it to Sprint & had them do a diagnostic while I was at lunch, came back to find out they were replacing it with a NEW one! How fabulous is that. No fuss, no nothing! They even threw in another power cord for free.

    Got back to the office plugged it in did a full restore from Backup Buddy and VOILA - BACK IN BUSINESS.

    This day just rocks!!

    Bottom line - if you don't Backup Buddy or a similar app. - get it!
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    I cannot say enough good things about backup software, especially that of Backup Buddy and Backup Manager. Great programs! Ben
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    Do you setup BackupBuddy to do an automatic timed backup each day or when you shut off your Treo? I was caught in an endless reset loop the day before yesterday, and had to hard reset. I'm still trying to recover all my programs.
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    I do an auto backup to my card every night at midnight when I'm charging over night and then it backs up the main memory AND the card to my PC everytime I sync.
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    I use BackUpMan and it has saved me many times. I have it set to back up at 3am and after every HotSync. I also have it set to leave the last two back ups and to automatically remove old back ups.

    Not having some kind of back up software on your Treo is like riding in the car without your seat belt. Eventually, you are going to regret it and wished you had used it.


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