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    Everyone including me, assumes Verizon will be the last provider to offer the Treo 650. However, there have been several rumors that Verizon will have the Treo 650 available for sale in mid-November with availability from Sprint delayed until December.

    Brighthand briefly mentions this "theory" in an article on their front page today.

    How ironic would it be if Verizon was actually the first carrier to offer the 650? How many of you would leave Sprint or T-Mobile to be the first on your block to have it?

    One other thought, 32mb of ram is ridiculous. Considering the files for bluetooth and the newer version of the POS will take up additional space in comparison to the 600, the 650 will actually have less available memory than the model it is replacing. And considering the phone is aimed at corporate clients who want to store emails with attachments on their phone, 20mb of user accessible ram is a joke.
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    With the ridiculous data pricing for Verizon, I can't imagine myself going the them.
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    I'd probably STAY with Verizon...BUT...if they aren't the first ones to carry the T650, I'm switching to another carrier! I'm not waiting on Verizon anymore...period.
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    If Verizon gives me $10 unlimited data and $30 voice, I'm all over it. Somehow I don't think they will though.
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    I don't think that'll happen. After all, we aren't seeing a Verizon-branded Treo 650's pictures popping up on the web.
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    Sprint will have it first like they have with the last line of Treos. I'm sure they pay Palm big bucks to have the Treo exclusively for a month or two. If they have to delay it for some reason, they'll get screwed. Palm won't make the other vendors wait just because of Sprint.

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    Just today I initiated the process of switching from VZW to Sprint. If VZW gets the T650 earlier, I'll still stick with Sprint. Reason for switching is the data plan...there is just no way I want to pay $45 versus Sprint's $15 (network coverage being satisfactory with both ...for me).
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    as a current and satisfied VW customer, I've accepted their limited choices of phones since they have the best reception out of the other previous carriers I've had experience with (Sprint was not one of them).

    I will be totally shocked if they get the Treo 650 before anybody else. It goes against their normal practice, but perhaps they've done some market research and acknowledged that this has been a weakness in their business. In addition, they're most likely surprised by how many 600 units they've sold to date.

    If this does pan out, it is an agressive move I will surely be taking advantage of. It is time to migrate my Nokia and T3 into one unit and become a permanent fixture to this community.

    Exciting stuff, I will be watching very closely.
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    I would be shocked if Verizon was the first with any phone. Their product testing is famous for holding their products back for months on end. Look how long it took them to come to market with the Kyo 7135, which I had before I messed up and went with Nextel. Also, consider how long it took them to put out a camera phone at all, the Motorola V710, etc.

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