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    Just this morning, my T6 began to have some nasty interference. My co-worker described it as sounding like a swarm of bees on his end. I tried to speak both with and without the earpiece. I have done a soft reset, taken out my sim card and put it into another phone, to leave my Treo alone for an hour or so, hoping it was just the GSM the alternate cell phone I used didn't sound much better.

    Any suggestions? Anyone go through this with their Treo?
    It's pretty darn annoying...especially since I have deep sixed my land line in favor of one number and one device. If this keeps up today, I may just have to give up on work and go golfing.
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    There should be a thread about removing the buzzing. If not, you can find it on at

    The interference is caused by the unshielded battery cables. The project shows how you can shield these wires and remove the interference. If you're not comfortable with this operation, I'd suggest a warranty replacement. I've had the problem with my last phone, and I'm considering doing this operation to prevent it from happening to this phone.

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    Thanks for your suggestions. I find it odd that this is happening 6 months into my T6 experience. Shouldn't this have manifested itself sooner if faulty wiring is the culprit? Just wondering.

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