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    Two questions, please:

    1) I frequently drive through some rural areas in New England (in particular, New Hampshire and Maine) and my current provider is Verizon. Because a digital tower is not always available, I am curious about the analog roaming capability on the existing Treo 600, as well as the anticipated 650?

    2) I am currently on Verizon, what is the experience of other service providers in this same (rural) geographic region in New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont? What kind of reception do you get with Sprint, etc.?

    Thanks in advance for your assistance!
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    The CDMA Treo 600 is digital only. You won't be able to use it on any analog towers. No one knows anything for sure about the 650, but I highly doubt it'll have any analog capabilities.

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    I live in MA, but travel to VT, NH, and ME to ski fairly frequently. I had the T600 all last winter. I think i was only really without signal once or twice. By that I mean, not able to call anyone. The sprint service definitely gets spotty, but digitally roaming on Verizon mostly was pretty good.


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