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    Hey folks:

    I got a almost new Treo 755p, which I took into the bathroom one day, and began to use while on the can. As I was getting up, it slipped and fell into the toilet. I immediately reached in, and retrieved it in about 2 seconds. I tried turning it on, and at first, a white screen came on, then it went off. Tried again, white screen, then off. Removed battery, and replaced. Again, white screen, then off. Tried again, this time NO WHITE SCREEN.

    Now, panicking, I left work and took to Sprint repair store. Needless to say, they wouldn't even work on it, because they don't touch phones with water damage.

    Now, I got the phone home, and laid it down on my bathroom counter. I removed the battery, and put a hair dryer turned on high (but "cool") next to it, and aimed the dryer towards the middle area of the treo (where the battery sits).

    Left it blowing overnight, and the next morning, I was amazed to see the Treo turn on, and the touchscreen worked but the BUTTONS DIDN'T WORK.

    So, I took the Treo to work, and kept removing and replacing the battery, while pressing VERY HARD the main, center button.

    After about 7 or 8 tries, finally the center button worked! But the button didn't work to go right or left.

    So again, remove battery, replace, and push VERY HARD the "right" button (i.e. the button circling the main, center button).

    A few more tries, and VIOLA, all buttons worked!
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    My God... is this is what the Treo 600 forum has been reduced to? What we find in the toilet?
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    Rinsing in alcohol seems right
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    I'm surprised no one has suggested opening the case of this phone and doing some cleaning. While it might work OK after all the "forced" On/Off... which might have "cleaned" the contacts this thing is likely a rust bucket by now or will be if someone hasn't gone in and dried/cleaned all the internal wet spots. Of coarse if it still works... it probably won't hurt to clean the keypad contacts and such. Get ahead of the curve.
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