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    I just got my third Treo.
    First one was absolutely great battery lasted days with minamal use and never ran out in one day even with heavy phone and data usage. I learned to love my treo 600 on verizon.
    Then I tipped over on a tandum bike on Machinac Island. A hard fall with blood and my treo on my hip took the brunt. Result.. The treo ran great but the screen was not goooood. Blue and yellow on the bottom half. But if I could run from memory It was great.
    Then the replacement ....brand new ........ insurance did a replacement purchase $450 and I paid the difference ($9 plus tax on the total) which was my choice over them providing me with a replacement which might have been refurbished. The new replacement ran great except the battery went down by more that 5% per hour with or without usage.
    Back to Verizon and they gave me a no questions new unit (just 5 days).
    As the new (third unit is charging, I thought about checking the voltage.
    Original (broken screen) (July 13 to Sept 19) will charge to 4.15 v.
    New out of the box first charge goes to 4.19 v.
    This obviously is a small diference, but does anybody know how to check the voltage and what it should be?
    I checked using Audacity /menu / options/ system.

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    try the freeware program "clockpop5". I dunno what the voltage should be, but at full charge, with the charger still connected, try checking the voltage. What the voltage is at 100% charge would be what you're looking for. Unfortunately, batteries, like people, vary, and you'll probably never get the same performance out of each and every one. Them's the breaks
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    curt: got my 1st replacement about 10-15 days ago. first charge went fine but i noticed something wrong on the 2nd time charge. the light blinked between red and green. did some research on the forum and fixed the problem, then i notice the battery level goes down 5-6% for a 5 min call.
    going to get the 2nd replacement unit and hopefully this one is going to be fine.
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    My first unit was absolutely flawless and I never had even one need to reset or anything. Even after the very hard crash, the screen was half gone but the unit worked perfectly. I even added syncall which then made the transition to the new unit flawless and extremely easy.
    This third unit also seems absolutely great.
    As a side note, I awoke last night to check the batery status, as I left it off the charger to just see how the battery usage was, my heart stopped, as the screen was on and I immediatly thought something was wrong. But lo and behold, it was exactly 3:00 am and it was doing the auto sync and archive of snappermail.

    StarTAC ST7868W w/ Motorola StarTAC Clipon Organizer; Treo 600; Treo 700P; Palm Pre Plus all on Verizon

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