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    is there a way to move the cursor to the front or back of a line of text on the treo 600? I find the fastest way is to press the dpad as fast as I can either left or right to do this, but its cumbersome. maybe a hack or something?
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    Read I believe it's the first or second page of the thread entitled "Things some of us gifted folks may have overlooked." I know that a shortcut is in there, it involves pushing the menu key along with another key...don't know which one though. Hope this helps.

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    just browsed through all 11 pages on that thread. they have one where u can press menu then s then left or right to get to the beginning or end of an entire note but im looking at going to the front or back a particular line...
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    just had a thought after the last post. one work around is to highlight the line by triple tapping on it then press left or right. OR using treoselect. highlight the line and press left or right

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