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    This is probably a silly question or posted in the wrong place or somehow indicative of what might happen on one's first post. Anyway, I am considering the 600 and found a concern when looking at the Palm web site. The site lists a matrix of functions for PDAs and the Office column for the Treo 600 says read only. Does that mean I cannot edit Word or Excel documents? My gf has a Palm Tungsten and gets a lot of use working with Excel and it looks like a nifty feature. Perhaps I read the chart wrong or is full feature for the 600 really missing?

    Thanks to all for any info and for such a nice and informative community.

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    Right place, good question! The Treo comes with a "viewer only" version of a program called Documents To Go, from a company called Dataviz. You can buy an upgrade to their "premium" version, which supports editing. I think it's about a $50 purchase. There are other programs that do the same thing.
    Note before buying a 600 that the 650 appears to be coming out very soon. It may have features you would like, and in any case it will surely depress the prices for 600's. So, you might want to wait a few weeks.

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