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    Hello all...

    I'm still new to the Treo 600, although I'm very familiar with the PalmOS, so its not a total mystery. I'm coming off of a Blackberry, and am wondering if its true that when I'm online (web, Goodlink, whatever), I can't get a phone call? Is that true?

    If its true, does anyone else see that as a real defficiency in the 600? After all, as an always-on device, doesn't it seem like a weakness that using one major feature entirely disallows another? Or am I not seeing it the right way?

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    The whole ordeal about not receiving a phone call while being on the internet or vice-versa is an issue with all data enabled GPS phones. GPS phones use GPRS for their data throughput, and only one of those two technologies can be used at once from the same device. Other than that, I don't really know how to explain it.

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    You might want to add that if you use any of the GSM service providers you can receive phone calls while you're out on the net or whatever. However, their data networks are slower.
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    Clearly, then, a Blackberry does something differently. When you power on a Blackberry, it hits GSM first (in the case of an AT&T Blackberry), and then GPRS, and stays logged in to both. When hooked into a Blackberry Enterprise server, you get e-mail and calendar items as soon as they're pushed. The push takes only a couple of seconds. Immediately thereafter, you can use the phone and receive calls. There's no log on/log off process like on the Treo. It simply stays on both.

    True, if you're using the Blackberry's web browser, the phone won't work. But the rest of the time, the GSM/GPRS relationship is so seamless that you'd never know they aren't working entirely in concert. The log on/off process of the Treo seems pretty lame by comparison.

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