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    My wife purchased a new Treo 300 about 15 months ago. In January the battery life went to no more than 5 minutes. We brought the phone to a Sprint Store and they declared it defective and sent a refurbished phone to us a few days later.

    Now it's about 8 months later and the same thing has happened. The battery goes from full to dead in under 3 minutes. We brought it back to the Sprint store and they told us the warranty on the refurbs is 6 months and that we can either buy a new phone or

    :::get this:::
    buy the insurance wait 20 days and call in for a new phone.

    I'm a bit upset over two things. It's pretty obvious there is a problem with the phone. There's also a big problem with an organization that would suggest its customers commit insurance fraud.

    Anyway, has anyone else experienced the battery death problem with the phone?
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    Been there .... checkout the Treo 300 Battery?? thread .... you can order a new battery and install it yourself. I actually bought 2 cause they were only $10 when I ordered from Goldmine, then ended up having my 300 replaced by insurance so I have 2 spare batteries brand new, not being used.
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    Actually, the warranty is 12 months, so they lied to you. Any time you get a replacement, you get a 12 month warranty
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    I was told by Sprint the warranty on a replacement/refurbed unit is 6 mos. Seems I read it in the forums here as well. Any one care to comment?
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    I was told 6 months as well.
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    "Any time you get a replacement, you get a 12 month warranty"

    Do you mean a replacement by sprint or just in general with most companies?
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    No, the replacements you get are 6 months. So, if you get a phone and have to get a replacement from Sprint one month only have a 6 month warranty on the refurb and not the 11 months you would have had on a new phone. Nice policy.

    Anyway, thank you for the link on the replacement batteries. I ordered a couple from goldmine as well. The replacement job doesn't look too tough.
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    Actually, just looked at the document that come with my replacement. It says "All new and reconditioned PCS phones received through the Equipment Replacement Program have a 12-month warranty from Sprint."

    And the replacement job is simple, there is a photo step-by-step on one of the battery threads here ... I followed that and had no problem - other than the fact that the wire seems to be on the opposite side from the original battery so I had to flip the battery over, but it worked like a charm.

    Good luck.
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    See the Battery 300?? thread for link to where to order a battery and separate link with instructions on how to open the 300 and install a battery.
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    The Equipment Replacement program is the insurance and not the warranty that comes with the phone. There may be a 12 month warranty on those devices, but Sprint does not offer the same on the devices they replace under their standard product warranty.

    Anyway, thanks to your earlier message I have already ordered new batteries from goldmine.

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