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    FYI just came across this announcement here for Clip PRO 2.0. I wonder if it's worth the $10. Anyone try it yet?
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    I really like ClipPro, been using version 1.7 to now. It really can save you a big headache if you have to move data from one app to the next, and it really is the best program in its class by a large margin. If you need a program like this, I highly recommend it. Not everyone needs a program like this on their treo though.

    The upgrade sounds great. More hardware button functionality will be a godsend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treo_Addict_Tex
    FYI just came across this announcement here for Clip PRO 2.0. I wonder if it's worth the $10. Anyone try it yet?
    Version 2.0 has some nice improvements.
    Making a list of text bullet or numbered is a good one.
    Text selecting like TST is great and it does not slow down the Treo.
    Parking your favorite clips is good.

    In in all, a must have for the Treo
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    I cannot get this program to work on my Treo 600. When I hit the icon it just jumps to the top of the opening menu page with all my other Treo icons. Any suggestions how I can actually get into ClipPro and get it to work?
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    "This space intentionally left blank."
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    Have been using Clip PRO 2.1.1 for a few days now. I love it! This program should come standard with any Palm unit., though I've noticed a few quirks/observations:

    +ClipPRO freezes when I'm using it in the Blazer Browser.
    +It seems to wrok best using the five-way pad and not touching the screen (see next item.)
    +I've noticed there is a separate ClipPRO on screen menu vs. a imbedded clipPRO option to import it in the main menu function of a Treo/Palm. Which works best for you?
    +I've been trying to delete a clip in ClipPRO without having to delete the entire clipboard. Are there ways to fix this?
    +ClipPRo Tools is a really nice feature.
    +Still trying to figure out what the Park/P Icon does.
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    Any updates for Clip Pro? I've been having lots of problems NVFS related with ClipPro on my Treo 650 and lots of people on TreoCentral have reported issues with it. An update would be nice.



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