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    Company voicemail requires me to enter me extension and password after connecting. My old device allowed me to enter a character that looks like a "p" for pausing between connection and the time to enter extension and password. I am having difficulty adding these extra digits.

    This is how it plays out.
    Favorites button setup to dial xxx-xxx-xxxx.
    need to pause here for a few seconds while the call connects
    After connecting i need to enter xxxx# (extension)
    Than send xxxxx# (numeric password)

    Can anyone help with this?
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    all you need to do is program the number like this.

    you can put as many ,,,,, as you need. it will take a little playing around to figure out the right amount of ,,,,,.

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    This is in the user manual, I don't have it next to me so I can't reference the page.

    If you set your work voicemail as one of your favorites (up arrow on phone screen) you can press more and add 'extra digits'. The comma is used instead of 'p' for pausing. so your extra digits might be ,,xxxx#,,xxxx# (,,extension#,,password#)..
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    Thank you so very much for your time and help. I did not see this explained in the manual, as I am a firm believer in RTFM!

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