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    Is Backup Buddy as good and neccessary as described on
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    I find Backupman plenty for backing up to SD Card. Backyup Buddy is good if you need the extra things it does. I just want a daily copy of the Treo to restore after a hard reset or a disaster on the road. It really depends on your needs.
    By all means, get something, and soon, a need to backup is pretty certain to come your way at some point.

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    I have a Treo 300. Will Backupman still work?
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    I use BBVFS, the SD card-only app, and find it critical. I don't need the desktop app.
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    No... Don't confuse "Backup Buddy" with "BackupBuddyVFS" or the other "card" backup solutions. Bacup Buddy replaces the hotsync backup conduit. BackupMan and BackupBuddyVFS are backup solutions that backup your devices memory to an exteranal SD/CF/MS card. And of course, they won't work with a Treo 300 since it doesn't have an exteranal card slot.

    BackupBuddy is worth every penny you spend once you need it.
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    don't wait until you need it...if you do, you'll find out that it is worth the few bucks.
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    if I were given a dollar for everytime I've had to restore from my SD card, I would have already made my money back plus some. This program to me is necessary and worth every penny
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    go for it...get a backup programme...unquestionably the best life saving type of app around
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    to present a different view, I don't like BackupBuddy much - there is no way to prevent it from backing up with every hotsync, and that has made my syncing at least twice as long as it used to be, which is aggravating. my treo just doesn't lose data hardly ever, or really change info that much at all - I want a backup program that backs things up once a week, perhaps. the folks at BackUpBuddy don't acknowledge that at all - they want me to disable their sync conduit and then reenable it once a week. anyone know of a backup program that will do this? I guess I should just use the BBVFS, but I would like it automated, just not with every sync....
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    BackupBuddy (desktop app) is very useful. One very important feature (for me) is that it will backup your SD card to the desktop also. It has saved my 'you know what' several times the past ummm 4 or 5 years, well worth the money.

    Keep in mind that using Backupman etc. to backup to the card is nice, but what happens if you lose the device? You need a good backup on the desktop.

    BTW BlueSync will also backup your card to the desktop but it does not do RAM and all of those other nifty features. On the other hand it can upload to the card on hotsync, keeping a mirror image on desktop/palm. You can use something like Backupman then use BlueSync to get the Backupman card backup to the desktop etc.

    visorhawk, as in the other thread;
    If your not worried about it and dont change your data that much, why hotsync so often that it bothers you anyway? If you want to just install something you can hit "Cancel" during the install process. It will finish all installs then quit. I personally just hotsync every morning during shower time, the only time my Treo is not by my side
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    Backup Buddy is absolutely essential. If you ever have a hard reset or a failure of some sort it allows you to have a fresh image of what you had on your treo. I had to exchange my Verizon Treo 600 for a new one for display problems, and of course they were unable to transfer the data effectively. Bought Backup Buddy and was up in running after the excahnge in just a few minutes.
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