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    Every one to two weeks my Treo600 goes into boot loop. When it happens I reset the memory and restore the device using backupman. The strange thing that happens is after restore Treo goes back into the boot loop. Restore is from day before, when everything was ok. I went through the pain of restoring selected files trying to pin point the problem. I pinpint it to PhysLaunchDB file. When I do not restore that file and leave default one everything works fine. Does anybody have idea what could it be?
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    The file is actually called psysLaunchDB.pdb

    I think this file is the equivalent of a desktop folder. It seems to contain the Launcher and settings related to it. You could try nuking the file and seeing if it gets recreated.
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    Yes, when I restore device excluding PhysLaunchDB.pdb file everything works fine. It still suprises me why restoring PhysLaunchDB.pdb would cause the problem when file was backed up prior to crash.
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    I think this database is one which controls some very core functionaliy on the device like what programs appear in each category in the Launcher. If it becomes corrupt, it is likely to be a major deal.

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