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    I haven't decided what to do with my T600 once I purchase my new T650....what are you guys going to do?
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    it would be one hellofa backup phone if you are heading to the bars hehe

    Seriously IF i was getting the 650 I would just sell the 600 to a friend or ebay it off...
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    keep it as a back up when i need one.
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    As it turns out, my wife is just excited about me getting a 650 as I am. You see, she really wants my Treo 600. Why? Well, it means she can get rid of her mobile phone and PDA (Palm M505). She says it frees up more room in her purse, and she only has to have one charger on her night-stand.

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    I gave a 600 to my girlfriend, so I guess this one will go to my Mom. I'll have to put all her appts in the calendar, but maybe she can at least learn to hotsync :-)
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    Well since it will not be disc. just lowered in price I will ebay mine.
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