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    Hi there, i hope it is not a repost and i cannot get any results from the search.

    What is the best way to lift up the boxwave screen protector from treo600? I got the 1st replacement; applied the boxwave screen protector, and i need to send the replacement back and get another replacement.

    thanks a lot in advance.
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    use scotch tape. apply one end to a corner and hold the other end between your fingers. pull at an acute angle - less than 45 degrees. works every time.
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    i tried and it is very difficult to lift it up. i will try more. thanks for the tip.
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    I actually had to use packaging tape, the scotch wasn't strong enough to get mine off.
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    Be careful not to pull too ahrd and fast - I bent mine as it came off and now have a little bubble where the bend is
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    robotron: that is what i worry about too. i just worry about i might rip the actual screen off too.

    nighthawk700: tried to use the packaging tape. i still cannot get it out. i will try to use other tap. i just do not want to break the screen. tough to get it out.
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    Have you tried using the backing (if you still have it somewhere) of the ClearTouch to slide between the screen and the ClearTouch and gently lifting it off from the corner of the screen? If you don't have the backing available, you can use a similar material, such as a piece of overhead transparency. This is by far the safest and most effective method if you can't use the tape method.

    Hope that works for you!

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    heheh repost i asked this already

    but yeah, what boxwave said above, works perfectly, done it before, and wow its realllllllllllll easy
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    thanks for the tips again. hofo: sorry for the repost

    i will try to get the backing or try to get an overhead transparency.

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    Don't know if you any of this stuff handy but...

    I find cellophane tape doesn't work too well for me on my BoxWave, but gaffer tape -- now that's a different story. A little bit of 2" cloth gaffer tape across about half of the protector and it pops right off. Doesn't bend the protector at all and it comes off of the protector easily and leaves no residue.

    'Course, if you don't have any, it's pretty expensive stuff but I opine that everyone needs gaffer tape anyhow. So this is a great excuse to get some!

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